David Zambuka has been rebooted off the back of his success at Starmus. Wowing physicists and cosmologists from around the world, Zambuka not only entertained Professor Stephen Hawking, but actually fielded a question from him! You can see the highlights from the special performance on the new dedicated David Zambuka website. 

You can follow Zambuka on twitter @DZambuka, find him on Facebook and Instagram. Zambuka is available for corporate entertainment, hosting, emcee’ing and lectures on Quantum time bending….

Zambuka arrives in new Aston Martin DB8, with stunt double… (at Elgin, Moray)

Manuel Martinez confirmed as potential new Bond… (at Elgin, Moray)

Not an ideal name for a deli, hazmat suits at the door…

Cool advertising photo for Lavazza coffee - although has absolutely no reference to the product whatsoever. He’s a bit mad hatter looking - and he drank tea…

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