David Zambuka’s performance at Starmus iV was a big hit! Zambuka managed to decipher the drawings of his guest panel and then successfully predict a random word from 30,000 which he had written down on a chalkboard previously. The video of the performance will be uploaded to the website very soon. 


David Zambuka is confirmed to appear at Starmus iV in Trondheim. The Starmus Festival was born to celebrate science and the arts with the goal of bringing an understanding and appreciation of science to the public at large.Starmus IV is going to be the biggest Starmus festival yet: an international star-studded gathering of scientists, artists, musicians, writers, business leaders, and more; all coming together to celebrate science. It will be an exciting festival of talks, concerts, debates, parties, and learning.


David Zambuka has been rebooted off the back of his success at Starmus. Wowing physicists and cosmologists from around the world, Zambuka not only entertained Professor Stephen Hawking, but actually fielded a question from him! You can see the highlights from the special performance on the new dedicated David Zambuka website. 

You can follow Zambuka on twitter @DZambuka, find him on Facebook and Instagram. Zambuka is available for corporate entertainment, hosting, emcee’ing and lectures on Quantum time bending….


On 27th June, Tenerife at the Starmus Festival, David Zambuka will arrive to reveal his work on Virtual Quantum Magnetic Resonance Distortion Fields and how they can be used to manipulate time and space. Standing in front of leading minds for the scientific world - Zambuka will demonstrate his ability to move through time. 

The performance will culminate with the revealing of ‘The Theory Of Everything’ and will be presented to none other than Professor Stephen Hawking. Zambuka will have finally united the world of Physics on both the grand and quantum level. To SEE this happen head to Starmus 2016, watch the live stream or simply follow @DZambuka on twitter to see events unfold in real(ish) time. 

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